Provision of Shutdown Manpower Supply

General Electrical Installation Works

• Design, supply and installation electrical equipment system.
• Testing, commissioning & maintenance of electrical installation.

Cable Laying Works for Electrical and Instrumentation

• Design, supply and installation of Instrumentation equipment system for industry and Petro-Chemical Plant.

Trading Supply of Equipment and Spare Parts

Cable Fault Locating for LV and HV

• Repair on damaged power and instrument cables
• Coating on the cable outer sheath.

Calibration of Equipment and Measuring Meters

Instrumentation Installation and Troubleshooting Works

Cathodic Protection System

• Design, supply and installation of Cathodic Protection system for industry and Petro-Chemical Plant.

Control System Supply and Configuration Works

• Distribution Control System (DCS) configuration, troubleshooting and training.
• Programmable Logic Control installation,

Mechanical Rotating Services and Repair Works

• Pump refurbishment and overhaul
• Gear box replacement

LV and HV Installation and Servicing Works

Technical & Non Technical Manpower Provision

• Professional staff
• Construction Technical personnel