• The DLRO10 10 A digital low resistance micro-ohmmeter brings new standards to low resistance measurement. It’s a fully automatic instrument, selecting the most suitable test current, up to 10 A DC, to measure resistance from 0.1 µΩ to 2000 Ω on one of seven ranges.
  • The instrument is built into a strong, lightweight case that is equally at home in the field or in the laboratory and is light enough to be worn around the neck, enabling you to take it into areas which were previously too small to access.
  • DLRO 10 uses a large, bright 4 1/2 -digit LED display
  • Accurate results in under three seconds
  • The Megger DLRO duplex connect four terminal test lead system is designed to provide the most cost effective and convenient way to provide the user with all off the test lead terminations and lead lengths required for the many different applications encountered in low resistance testing.
  • this device is for testing low-resistance circuits, such as those in lighting systems and electric motors